shout it out

shout it out
No. 6 runs for office

Monday, June 9, 2008


Blogs come and go, people come and go. What am I on about here?

In the Prisoner episode Chimes of Big Ben, the magisterial Leo McKern plays No. 2. The theme of this episode is not so fascinating to me right now as a discussion No. 2 and No. 6 have while sparring with wits.

No. 6 “Charming”

No. 2 “Yes, I’m glad you approve. Someday the world, the whole world as the village, what do you say to that?”

No. 6 “I would like to be the first man on the moon.”

Here it is. The Global Village, a term coined by those illustrious globalists like Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and even George Bush Sr. with his “New World Order.” We live in the age of the police state. The dystopia of Phillip Dick is real and surrounds us.

The Patriot act, the “Main Core”, camera’s on every street corner, GPS monitoring of citizens, tracking of gasoline sales, tracking and divulgence of banking records…

Everything we do is monitored; we are like fish in a bowl. Surveys, questionnaires, and billing… Where does it end?

You want to live on the moon?

What about the missing? Every week the news networks have some pathetic story, “the dead babe of the week.” Another beautiful woman is missing or murdered. Many thousands are going missing every year. What about them? Where do they go? Does our government do anything with this tech to stop child predators? No! Has the white slave trade stopped? No.

There is a profit to be made.

The war on drugs? The CIA sells weapons to the drug cartels. The DEA equips the counter drug agencies of various countries. A huge economy persists on the endless war on drugs. Why does the American public tolerate this?

American schools? They propagandize and that is about it. High school graduates can barely read and write these days. Don’t try to tell me this is not the truth. New military members testing on the ASVAB are scoring record lows. The ASVAB has not changed in years. The school system is failing us and it is becoming a national security concern. The only thing children learn in public school is consumerism and conformity!

Does this sound like the ranting of a madman?! Be seeing you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Location Based Advertising

In episode one Arrival No. 6 is given an "electro-pass" to foil Rover and escape in a helicopter. Of course it was a set up and No. 2 was in control of the helicopter the whole time. So the electronic device that was a talisman of freedom becomes another shackle.

Today I received the following:
"Location based advertising is already here and starting to happen. The ability to target consumers based on their locale will have an significant effect on the way that companies advertise, not just in the mobile medium, but will also impact on their entire advertising strategies and channels.

The technology is nearly here to enable you to offer these services. In fact, subscribers are increasingly using their handsets as mapping and navigation tools, and this coupled with the spread of mobile advertising, internet and search applications has created an exciting revenue opportunity.

Location Based Advertising will offer sponsors the chance to get customers to the door, with easy instructions and mapping. It will offer subscribers the ability to arrive in an unknown town or city, and be able to look up where their favorite, trusted brand of coffee shop, or restaurant, petrol or cinema is located, in direct relation to where they are at the time. Getting lost never offered such promotional opportunities before!!!"

Well thats just too bloody convenient. Naturally the technology works two ways. The marketers, cops, your ex-husband, the NSA can find you as well. "Oh," the companies say "we don't track people, we track hand sets." Sure you do, thats a fine semantic difference. So if I want I can plug my wifes cell phone number into a web-site and for a nominal fee I can track her (phone) anywhere in the United States. Is this really a good idea?

I don't feel like being bombarded with advertising everywhere I go.

I don't wish to be tracked BY ANYONE when I go anywhere.

When I try to get away, I am trying to get away from IT ALL! What don't these people understand?

Global information systems, are a large part of what I do in life. The ability to pull down information on any region or slice thereof and understand what is there. How many police stations, hospitals, armories. . . Soon the people will be integrated into the large government GIS systems. Any individual will be traceable by their electronic signature, a footprint they cannot shake.

Do you trust the globalists with this kind of power?