shout it out

shout it out
No. 6 runs for office

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Election year woes

In the Prisoner episode Free For All No. Six decides to run for office. Of course the entire affair is a convoluted plot by No. 2 to get No. 6 to reveal why he resigned. McGoohan was obviously making a statement about the democratic process. No. 6 was to run against No. 2 for the position of No. 2. A ugly campaign commenced including media lies, vapid promises and insipid campaign speeches. When No. 6 got out of line the warders of the Village drugged him and brainwashed him into the perfect candidate. Finally No. 6 wins the election. Do the villagers welcome him as a liberator? Of course not, now that he is No. 2 he is the enemy. No. 6 desperately tries to use the system to release everyone and make for a mass escape... but not a single villager listens to him. At this point No. 6's campaign assistant takes power from him by force and assumes the role of No. 2.

This episode pretty much sums up my view of politics. There is no point. I vote out of conscience and a sense of civic duty, but it is my assumption that the globalists simple maintain whoever they want in power. Despite the divisiveness you see in American politics the two sides are virtually identical. They are loose with our tax money, they take tremendous liberties against the people, they ignore the constitution, they promulgate socialist dogma, and they attack family values. The Republican Party did nothing for conservative values voters despite sweeping victories. The DNC regularly lets down it's own constituents. Both parties are fiscally irresponsible to the point of criminality.

So my question to you is who will be the next No. 2? No. 2 or No. 2?

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Medic252 said...

AS a good and loyal citizen of our village, I can most heartily endorse No.2 for No.2

Be seeing you,